Upcoming All RIOT events

RIOT hardware You are interested in (open source) software or hardware development? Or maybe you have a cool idea for a new IoT project? Or you are curious about getting first hand experience with computer networks and system software?

The All RIOT event is open for everyone! And eventually you may even find an idea for your thesis hereā€¦

We will meet two more times this year to do some (R)IOT hacking: The next All RIOT events happen on December 08 and December 22, 2022 at 16:00 CET at 1-237.

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How? Join the periodic All RIOT at the Frankfurt UAS. The what? The All RIOT is a new format where people interested in IOT technologies join at the Frankfurt UAS for hacking together on exciting projects.- When? Every two weeks from 16:00 CET (open end) Where? Building 1, room 237 What to bring? A laptop and an open mind - no prior knowledge required What to expect? Meet other IoT enthusiasts, discuss your ideas, Mate, and Pizza

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